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  • Orders must have a total value of $500 + GST or more (per order) to qualify for wholesale pricing. Otherwise, a retail premium, in the vicinity of 30-40% extra, will apply.
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  • Plant sourcing is available for species not currently listed in our catalogue
  • Trade Orders: No minimums apply if collecting ex Nursery.
  • All orders are subject to our terms of trade.
Size Conversion Chart
½L PB ¾, 10 cm
1L PB 1½, 13 cm
PB 2 1.2 L, 14 cm
PB 3 1.8 L, 15 cm
PB 5 2.8 L, 17 cm
PB 8 4.5 L
PB 10 6 L
PB 12 8 L
PB 18 10 L
PB 28 17 L
PB 40 25 L
PB 60 35 L
PB 95 45 L