Wholesale and Trade

Prices in this catalogue are wholesale and they do not include GST. Retail prices will apply to purchase of less than 50 plants. All wholesale purchases must be pre-ordered. Orders can be picked up Saturdays or after hours by arrangement.

A deposit of 20% will be required for large orders.

An order is deemed as acceptance of our terms of trade.

Eftpos is available,  however we are not set up for credit cards.

Because of changes in production and marketing throughout the nursery industry and to help our customers gauge true value for money, we have included some equivalent volume sizes to most of the common PB bags that are used. This should save the confusion that exists and point out the advantages and disadvantages when comparing grades and prices.

PB 3/4 or 10cm = 1/2 Ltr (half Litre)
PB 1½  or 13cm = 1L
PB 2 or 14cm = 1.2 Ltr
PB 3 or 15cm = 1.8 Ltr
PB 5   or  17cm    =     2.8 Ltr
PB 8   =   4.5 Ltr
PB 10  =  6L (tall slim Bag)
PB 12  =   8 Ltr
PB 28   =  17 Ltr
PB 18  =  10 Ltr
PB 40   =   25 L
PB 60   =   35 L
PB 95   =   45 L

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Important Notice: While we are always working hard to keep our online catalogues updated, due to an ongoing transition in our bookkeeping, listed prices may currently be out of date. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

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Conifers and Climbers

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Fruit Trees Citrus

Fruit Trees Heritage and Multi-grafted

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